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April 24, 2017
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Flood Advisory Board  
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Flood Advisory Board Members:

Steve Flormann                            -  3 year term to 12/31/18
Maria Kent                                   -  3 year term to 12/31/18
Pat Lenoy                                     -  3 year term to 12/31/18
Josephine Brown                          -  3 year term to 12/31/19
Julie Doncoes                               -  3 year term to 12/31/19
Joseph Christiano                         -  3 year term to 12/31/19
Beth Schall                                   -  3 year term to 12/31/17
Steve Grayberg                             -  3 year term to 12/31/17
Lauren Venin, chairperson           -  3 year term to 12/31/17


Flood Advisory Board

The Flood Advisory Board consists of nine volunteer members appointed by the Mayor. The Board consults with Municipal, State and Federal agencies to pursue means of mitigating flooding within the Borough.  Recent activities included field assessment of river obstruction conditions, recommendations on priorities for clearing those obstructions, support of legislation aimed at relief from flooding, and involvement in the usage of land adjacent to or near flood zones. 
The Borough CRS Coordinators work in conjunction with various Borough agencies to maintain a Class 5 CRS rating for the Borough.  This achievement has resulted in up to a 25% savings in flood insurance premiums.  Pompton Lakes was the first community in the State of New Jersey as well as the Northeast to receive a Class 5 CRS rating.
The Flood Advisory Board meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 7:30pm in the Council Chambers.

 Lake Restoration Committee (PRIDE)
The PRIDE Lake Restoration Committee is a branch of the Flood Advisory Board and is committed to the care, improvement and management of our waterways. The Committee is currently focusing on the creation and implementation of a lake management plan for the long-term sustainability of Pompton Lake. 
 Last year's “Picture Pompton Lake” photo contest highlighted the shared “pride" of our residents, and will be repeated this year. For additional information please "Like” PomptonLakePride on Facebook and click on the camera to enter or vote for photos.
Paddle with PRIDE will also continue this year, beginning in mid-May, every Tuesday evening (weather permitting) at approximately 7pm at Lakeside Park. Anyone with a boat and paddle is invited to join.
Meetings are the second Monday of each month at the Civic Center, beginning promptly at 7:30 pm.

Lake Management Plan (PowerPoint)


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