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April 24, 2017
1:05 PM

Pompton Lakes/Riverdale First Aid Squad  
Teddy Bear ER & EMS for Children Newsletter  

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Through the years the concern of children’s fears when confronted with emergencies was an area that the squad members recognized and wanted to make less traumatic. To address these concerns,every couple years the squad organizes a “Teddy Bear ER” event. The event is meant to familiarize the children (and the parents) with the ambulance and it's equipment. Children bring their teddy bears or other dolls to the First Aid building and report the nature of the teddy’s illness or injury. A squad member then "treats" the bear and explains what is done to make them better.
The teddy bears are “treated” with appropriate bandages, slings and splints being applied to their furry legs, arms, etc… Each child is given a pair of medical gloves and a band-aid in case their teddy bear needs additional treatment.
The next stop for the children is to see how some of the equipment on the ambulance is used. It's use is explained in a way that does not frighten them. Cervical collars can be applied and they can be strapped to backboards to see how carefully they would be handled should they need medical treatment.
The last part of the program is a lesson on the nature of 9-1-1. A dispatcher uses a disconnected phone and asks the children to dial 9-1-1 and then have them answer the questions that would be asked on a real 9-1-1 call. The importance of not hanging up is stressed, as well as the differences between a land line and a mobile phone are explained.
At the end of the program Rescue Rabbit, the squad’s mascot, makes an appearance and gives each child a certificate with their name and the name of their teddy bear on it along with coloring books and treats.


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