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Property Description-Pompton Reformed Church  

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Pompton Reformed Church
59 Hamburg Turnpike
Construction Date:  1814 w/add.
Style:  Classical Revival
Number of Stories: 1 ½
Foundation: stone
Exterior Wall Fabric: painted brick
Fenestration:  arched and double-hung stained glass
Roof/Chimneys:  front-gabled, slate roof
Form/Plan Type:  Basilican
Additional Architectural Description:
The Pompton Reformed Church is 1 ½ stories in height and 3 bays wide.  The church is set on a north-south axis, with the entrance at the south.  There are three entries, one in each bay.  The center bay breaks forward and is accentuated by a square brick tower with an aluminum sided lantern and steeple.  An arched, stained glass window is located at the second story of each bay of the main façade.  Windows along the sides are regularly spaced, double-hung stained glass windows.  The church has had two additions to the west.  The first, completed in 1956, is set perpendicular to the church, and adjoins the original building at the rear.  It is 1 ½ stories tall, and features a side gabled, slate roof with gabled dormers and a full width front porch with arched spandrels.  The second addition (1974) adjoins the first addition to the west.  It is a 1 story, 4 bay, red brick structure with a hipped roof and cast stone detailing.
Boundary Description and Related Structures:
The Pompton Reformed Church is located at the corner of Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike and Ringwood Avenue.  The Parsonage is located to the west of the church and its addition.  The cemetery is located to the north (rear) of the church.
The Pompton Reformed Church was formed by members of the Pompton Plains Church (founded 1735) who resided in what became Pompton Lakes.  They founded the new church in 1812, and completed construction of the church by 1814.  The first pastor was Rev. Jacob T. Field.
The founding members of the Pompton Reformed Church included Martin J. Ryerson, owner of the Pompton Ironworks during the early 19th century.
A frame chapel, constructed in 1886, once stood to the west of the Church, between the church and the parsonage.  The chapel was enlarged in 1911 and 1928, and in 1950, classrooms and an auditorium were built underneath the Chapel.  The Chapel was replaced in 1974 by Gerrit Heemstra Memorial Building.  The church was extended to the rear, to provide seating for a total of 500 people, and to the west, to provide for church offices and classrooms, 1956.
The cemetery, located to the rear of the church, includes the grave of A.P. Terhune (1872-1942), noted author and area resident.
Pompton Reformed Church was designated an historic site on March 20, 2001.

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