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Historic Preservation  
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The Pompton Lakes Historic Preservation Commission

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Emanuel Einstein Memorial Library at 7:00pm and are open to the public.


Class A Member                                                  4 year term to 12/31/20
Class B Member             Mered Frankel                 4 year term to 12/31/20
Class C Member                                                  4 year term to 12/31/20
Class C Member             Kathleen Troast               4 year term to 12/31/17
Class C Member             Judy Pivirotto                  4 year term to 12/31/18
Class C Member             Paul Bowlby                    4 year term to 12/31/19
Class B Member             Erika Herz                       4 year term to 12/31/19
Alternate #1                  Al Evangelista                 2 year term to 12/31/17
Alternate #2                  David Rowan                   2 year term to 12/31/18

The Pompton Lakes Historic Preservation Commission was established by Borough Ordinance #90-08 in December, 1988.  The purpose of the Commission is to “safeguard the heritage of Pompton Lakes by preserving the resources within the Borough which reflect its cultural, social, economic, and architectural history.”Since its inception the Commission has qualified as a certified local government making Pompton Lakes eligible for certain federal funds.  It has published two professionally prepared surveys; a survey of the Pompton Furnace funded by a grant from the N.J. Historical Commission in the amount of $5,557. and a Cultural and Historical survey funded by a federal grant of $5,000. that was matched by a $5,000. donation from the DuPont Corp. The Commission gives lectures and slide presentations to various organizations to promote Pompton Lakes’ history, holds public exhibits of historic items and photographs, and conducts historic walks throughout town.  It maintains files on various items pertaining to the history of the Borough and responds to many requests for information throughout the year. An important function of the Commission is to recommend properties it deems should be preserved and considered for local landmark status to the Planning Board.  

The following properties were granted such status:  1994, The Emanuel Einstein Memorial Library, 333 Wanaque Avenue • 1995, Doctor’s Island on Mathis Avenue • 1996, the Pompton Furnace and adjacent raceway, 321 Hamburg Turnpike • 1999, the Bartholf Homestead, 322 Broadway • 2000, the Ironworker’s Cottage, 1238 Lincoln Avenue • 2001, Pompton Lakes High School, 44 Lakeside Avenue • 2001, Lenox Elementary School, 35 Lenox Avenue • 2001, Pompton Reformed Church, 59 Hamburg Turnpike • 2003, Queen Anne House, 33 Ramapo Avenue • 2003, U.S. Post Office, 47 Lakeside Avenue • 2004 Train Station, Lakeside Avenue.  Most recently designations are: (2005) Second Empire Building, Hamburg Tpk,  (2006) The Schuyler House,Perrin Ave., (2007), The Outlook, Bartholf Ave. (2009) The Van Ness House, 350 Riverdale Road, (2010) Christ Episcopal Church, Ramapo Avenue, (2011) USS Maine Monument, Wanaque Ave. and Hamburg Tpke. The Commission has embarked on a program to identify these historic properties to the public with historic signs and plaques. To view historic properties, click here.

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